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What is Satchel Pulse?

What is Satchel Pulse?

Satchel Pulse is a wellbeing and skills solution that helps your staff and students to manage behaviour, understand emotions and feel better so they can achieve more! A cost-effective, all-in-one tool that gives the school community a voice without increasing workload.

Transform student behaviour with Skills, a social emotional learning (SEL) tool that helps your students develop the life skills they need to thrive. From a fast skills assessment process and automatic intervention grouping to ready made lessons and dynamic intervention plans, Skills gives your staff everything they need for proactive behaviour management.

Track and improve the wellbeing of staff, students and parents with Wellbeing Tracker, an automated surveying tool that uses expert-created questions to help you better understand your school community and focus efforts in the right area. All data is collected automatically and displayed on an intuitive dashboard along with actionable tips to guide improvement.

Dive deeper into important issues with Survey Builder, a survey creator that lets you send custom surveys to your community and have them translated into over 40 languages. All free text responses are analysed for sentiment by our AI technology and automatically organised into positive, negative and neutral for quick and easy analysis.

Special offer: Ask about our free, expert wellbeing audit or piloting Skills in your school today. Learn more

Recommended Usage

1-2 minutes per week or half-term

Educational Impact

provide school data
Improves Behaviour / Wellbeing
improve teacher wellbeing

Additional evidence

West Heath Pulse UK Testimonial

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CompanyBusiness Name: Satchel
HQ Location: United Kingdom
Founded: 2018
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+
FeaturesWellbeing SurveyWellbeing AssessmentStaff WellbeingTeacher WellbeingStudent WellbeingSurvey QuestionnaireSurvey ToolCulture And ClimateSurvey Builder
LanguagesArabic, Chinese, English, Spanish
AccessibilityRobust features
PoliciesTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyGDPR
RequirementsDesktop - MacDesktop - WindowsDesktop - Chromebook
Set Up

60 minutes

TrainingLive OnlineWebinarsDocumentationVideos
SupportEmailFAQs/ForumKnowledge Base
Home LearningParent Access

School must create the account.

Tagswellbeingstaff wellbeingteacher wellbeingworkloadstudent wellbeingpupil wellbeingparent wellbeingschool surveys

Satchel Pulse Pricing

Pricing Plans

Free VersionPaid Subscription

Satchel Pulse pricing starts from £100 / year

Group MAT discounts and multi-year deals.

Optimised for a quick response
Special OfferWe are offering a Free Staff Wellbeing Audit to schools this academic year. Get the power of a paid tool with no cost. The audit will provide school leaders with an overview of how staff feel about key areas in the school, and help them to pinpoint where they can make improvements that will have the biggest impact on their staff.

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Satchel Pulse Reviews

4.2 out of 5

from 4 Verified Reviews

Satchel Pulse has collected 4 reviews in the past 6 months

User rating



Satchel Pulse
Richard Jervis


Hurdsfield Primary School, England

Used Satchel Pulse weekly for 0–3 months

Jan 2024

I think the data has been really useful so far. We now need to look at whether the intervention programmes have an impact.

Richard Jervis found Satchel Pulse:
  • Moderately provides school data
    We are now looking more closely at specific pupils and how we can support their needs.
  • Slightly improves teacher wellbeing
  • Slightly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    We are now looking at key pupils and whether interventions will support their needs. I feel that we would be better at analysing impact after the first intervention programme
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Satchel Pulse

Gen Ed ERMHS provider

Heartland Charter School, United States of America

Used Satchel Pulse weekly for 7–12 months

Dec 2023

It has been great so far! I wish the students can view their own scores on their dashboard and I wish all lessons/challenges etc. could be sent to students.

Reply from Satchel Pulse:Thank you for your wonderful feedback on Satchel Pulse! We're thrilled to hear about the positive impact it's having on student growth, teacher wellbeing, and student behaviour!
Dominique found Satchel Pulse:
  • Significantly provides school data
    We are able to see student's area of growth and skills to focus on
  • Moderately improves teacher wellbeing
    Teachers can utilize lessons
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Students enjoy the calm down sections
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Satchel Pulse
Shannon Cremeens

Assistant Principal

Oregon High School, United States of America

Used Satchel Pulse occasionally for 1-2 years

Dec 2023

Great screener for students, ability to remove students from screening based on parent request with ease, tied to CASEL

Shannon Cremeens found Satchel Pulse:
  • Moderately provides school data
    SEL Data to inform groups and intervention needs.
  • Does not significantly improve teacher wellbeing
  • Slightly improves behaviour or wellbeing
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Satchel Pulse
Kris Hall


Academy Elementary School, United States of America

Used Satchel Pulse daily for 1-2 years

Dec 2023

I think every school should have the opportunity to implement a comprehensive SEL program that is manageable and readily provides success for students as well as data for stakeholders. Funding is the more difficult part.

Reply from Satchel Pulse:Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Satchel Pulse. We're thrilled to hear how it's helping identify struggling students and improving student skills. Your input is invaluable as we work to make SEL programs more accessible and impactful.
Kris Hall found Satchel Pulse:
  • Significantly provides school data
    Satchel Pulse data allows us to identify struggling students that otherwise would not have opportunities to receive assistance.
  • Slightly improves teacher wellbeing
    Teachers may be encouraged by the fact that their students are having the chance to improve SEL skills inside and outside the classroom.
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Many of my students benefit from specific skills and strategies provided through the skills library in Satchel Pulse. Most students completing group work rate themselves higher to much higher on skills at the end compared to self ratings at the beginning.
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