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Take full control of your EdTech ecosystem and make informed decisions for impact and efficiency with EdTech Impact Manager.

Audit your EdTech

Audit your EdTech

Create a centralised catalogue, spot duplication and gaps, track spend, contracts, compliance and certifications.
Optimise your spend

Optimise your spend

Amplify teacher voice, identify underutilised products, spot trends and benchmark performance across schools.
Grow your impact

Grow your impact

Create training libraries and signpost champions, operationalise efficient workflows, demand higher standards from providers.

Who will be speaking?

  • Michael Forshaw - EdTech Impact, CEO

    Michael will share details on how EdTech Impact Manager can be used to create an effective EdTech ecosystem that leverages evidence-based insights to make better operational, financial, product, and instructional decisions.

  • Dr Neelam Parmar - E-ACT, Chief Digital Officer

    As an early adopter of EdTech Impact Manager, Neelam will share her experience of rolling out the platform across E-Act's 28 schools, and the impact it has had on their digital transformation journey so far.

Who is this for?

  • School Group Leaders

  • Teaching and Learning, EdTech Leaders

  • Headteachers, School Leaders

  • Data, IT and Network Managers

  • Business, Ops and Finance Managers

If you are an EdTech provider and wondering how to make the most of EdTech Impact Manager, please contact hello@edtechimpact.com for more information.

With EdTech Impact Manager, schools can monitor the performance of EdTech within their own contexts, and create a stream of actionable insights that were not possible before.

— Michael Forshaw, CEO, EdTech Impact

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“EdTech Impact Manager has streamlined our processes and helped share the impactful journey of every EdTech application within our E-ACT ecosystem.”

Less spreadsheets.
More impact.

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