Generating inbound leads on EdTech Impact

This article will walk you through how to generate quotes, demos and trial requests through EdTech Impact.

1. Turning Lead Generation On

If your EdTech Impact profile is up to date and the reviews are coming in, you will be in a strong position to start generating inbound leads.

Lead generation runs on a lead system where you only pay when you get results – just like Google or Facebook advertising. You can add leads to your account by logging into your Dashboard and navigating to the Manage Balance tab in the Leads section.

In this tab, you will be able to view your existing lead balance and purchase lead bundles with discounts of up to 25%. The lead generation will be turned on upon purchasing your leads.

If you require help purchasing credits, would like to purchase lead credits via invoice, or would like to discuss lead pricing, please speak with your account manager or email

Please note that lead generation is only available with the Pro Plan subscription.

2. Generating Leads

Once the lead generation has been turned on for your account, two lead generation buttons will be instantly added to your EdTech Impact profile.

You can choose from the wording displayed in the buttons and specify the type of leads you would like to collect via the Preferences tab in the Leads section of your Dashboard.

Buyers are researching your product can now communicate with you by clicking either of the buttons and completing a short contact form. We call this a lead.

Once the form is submitted, our team reviews each request to provide the highest quality lead. Upon approval, one lead is deducted from your account, and all emails in the Sales Notifications section of the Admin tab in your dashboard are notified via email.

3. Following Up On Leads

When a new lead comes in, you’ll receive an email notification (from to alert you.

By clicking View and Reply, you’ll be taken to your admin dashboard where the lead will be displayed, or you can navigate to the Leads tab upon logging in and go to your Inbox.

Using the text box, you can type your reply and provide links to a calendar booking system or any additional information you feel is relevant. You can also select from the templates available under the lead information and adjust them according to your needs.

Improving call / meeting bookings: At this time, it is only possible to send 1 reply to the educator. We recommend that you add a direct link (through your CRM system or a product like Calendly) to make it as easy and painless for the educator to book in a time to speak with you.

Once you have sent your reply, the educator’s contact details will be unlocked in the Replied folder of your Inbox. We recommend that you add these to your CRM (or wherever you keep your prospecting data). If you do not hear from the educator, do follow up directly with them as many times as required. Schools are busy places, and priorities can change on a daily basis which can affect how quickly you hear back from the educator.

Do not direct the educator to a page on your website that requires them to fill out another form. Doing so has a very low conversion rate.

4. What Happens If I Don’t Make a Sale?

There are no guarantees in marketing and EdTech Impact lead generation is no different. We work our hardest to provide you with high quality leads and the lead generation service runs on a tailored lead system that provides you with an institutional sales opportunity. For full details, please contact your account manager or the sales team.

Where a lead comes in but no sales opportunity is present, we will reissue the credit. Types of scenarios where you would be eligible include:

  • The institution is an existing customer
  • The buyer has misrepresented their position at the institution
  • The institution is in a country you don’t support

To request a credit reissue, flag the lead to the support team and provide any supporting evidence you can (ie. an existing customer contract or the email chain from the school).

5. How Can I Generate More Leads?

Reviews are the critical factor in lead generation on EdTech Impact in two ways:

  • Your ranking within the category listings is determined by our algorithm which takes into account the your review volume, frequency and aggregated score. The higher you rank, the more buyers will visit your profile.
  • For a buyer to move down the sales funnel, they need confidence that your solution will meet their needs. EdTech Impact reviews help educational buyers decide whether your solution will improve outcomes in their specific context. The reviews help them answer the question: “Will this work in a school like mine?” The more reviews you collect, the more trust you will build with educational buyers across a range of contexts.

Collect more reviews: Make sure you fully utilise all of EdTech Impact’s features for capturing reviews. For a range of strategies on review collection, read How To Collect Reviews on EdTech Impact.

Need Assistance?

For further help with Lead Generation on EdTech Impact, please speak with your account manager or email

Updated on: 26 June 2023

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