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From the creators of Innovate My School, EdTech Impact is an independent review platform for EdTech - designed to help educators find the best products, and push companies to up their game.

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EdTech Impact is free and open to everyone, meaning we can provide the largest database of EdTech products globally.

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Through our unique schools like mine search tool, you can find out what schools with similar characteristics to you are using.

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Our reviews are independently submitted, and published regardless of score - we believe schools need to see everything.

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Every review provides qualitative and quantitative feedback on how that product is impacting student, teacher and parent outcomes.

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Will it actually improve learning? Is my data safe? Can parents use it? EdTech Impact will give you the information you need, from the people you trust the most - your peers.

Read our guidelines for reviewers to learn about how we keep EdTech Impact a collaborative and trustworthy place for everyone.

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Easy to understand, with academic rigour


Designed in partnership with University College London, our impact metrics provide a simple and powerful way to understand which solutions schools say are most effective for students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Additionally, these school-to-vendor feedback loops ensure schools have an amplified voice in helping shape the future development of EdTech products - bringing the best to every classroom around the world.

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Compare like-for-like, and make an informed decision about who is right for your context.

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Building the EdTech evidence base

We believe there needs to be a step-change in the level of EdTech evidence available to schools. To support this mission, we co-founded the EdTech Evidence Group (EEG).

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